Australian Society Of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists NSW



ASSERT NSW is a not-for-profit, professional organisation that represents counsellors, psychologists, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, social workers and other health care professionals involved in the field of human relations, especially sexology in Australia.

    ASSERT NSW is dedicated to the promotion of professional development and providing opportunities for all Australian health professionals working in the field of human sexuality.

Founded in 1977 ASSERT NSW is a forum for sexual health professionals to exchange of ideas, education, and research.

The ASSERT philosophy embraces the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS) Declaration on Sexual Rights that states that sexual rights are fundamental and universal rights. Visit the World Association of Sexual Health webpage to view or download the Declaration.



Committed to education, research, and therapy, ASSERT NSW aims to enhance understanding and support for individuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds in matters of sexual health and relationships. By fostering open dialogue, advocating for inclusive policies, and providing professional guidance, ASSERT NSW strives to create a society where sexuality is respected, celebrated, and approached with knowledge and compassion.


    To promote community knowledge and acceptance of human sexual behaviour and attitudes.

  • To advance the scientific study and professional practice of sex education, counselling, research, and therapy.

  • To encourage and promote through its members and the wider community, the development of related areas of professional knowledge and practice of sexology.

  • To promote the exchange of ideas and information and resources about human sexuality and related issues.

  • To maintain high standards of professional ethics, competence, conduct, education, qualification, and achievement among professionals in the field.

We recognise the resilience, strength and pride of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, paying our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.


Australian Society of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists (NSW)

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